10 reasons to use Maxxafe



  1. Nationwide. The only national vendor, serving every city in the US.

  2. Flexible. Only pay for shredding full containers, not according to a pre-defined route schedule. Get full value and complete flexibility for variation in demand.

  3. Fast. Within a week, every location in your company can be in compliance to the identity theft laws. No one can do it as fast.

  4. Free Policy Sample. Use our Document Destruction Policy Template to quickly establish compliant policies and procedures.

  5. Simple Training. Use the Maxxafe System website to verify that each of your locations has been trained on your Policy and Procedures.

  6. Management Reports. Find out who in your company is in compliance to your policy and who isn't by running frequency tracking reports, available 24/7.

  7. Go Green! Unlike personal shredders that produce paper that still goes in the trash and landfill, the Maxxafe System is 100% recycled.

  8. Save money. Compared to destruction services or the cost for employees to stand over low volume, expensive shredders that eventually break, the Maxxafe System shreds 35 pounds for well under $20.

  9. Peace of mind. Who is more reliable than FedEx, with the ability to track and verify?

  10. Easy. We do it all, freeing you to manage your business, not legions or shredders or multiple shred vendors.