Identity Theft law Compliance

The Identity Theft laws require that companies destroy consumer information after its business purpose is completed, but your company also generates confidential internal documents (i.e., sales reports, memos, employment applications, etc.)

A comprehensive policy in which all regulated paperwork is destroyed offers the greatest security from non-compliance.

If the FTC comes calling, how will you prove that your company securely manages, then destroys consumer information? Simple:

“We have contracted with Maxxafe System and they provide us with detailed analysis on our disposal activities. Here are reports on:

- number of boxes destroyed from each store or office
- weight of each box
- frequency of destruction

“We can compare the sales volume for our stores to the weight and frequency analysis for positive proof that our stores are complying with our destruction policy.”

The Maxxafe System provides the easiest solution to the verification issue, and in fact is identified by FACTA and state legislation: “A business is considered to comply if the business contracts with a person engaged in the business of disposing of records…”

Through the use of shipping weight and frequency of pickup schedules, a company can prove that a program is in place and being used by the company locations. Internal enforcement is also possible, since frequency of shipment can be compared to store volume or size, highlighting locations which may not be complying with company disposal policy.