The System is the Solution.

Are you currently managing more than two vendors?

Do you have any locations where traditional service is either not cost effective, or not available?

Are you paying a monthly service fee?

Are any of your locations still using individual shredders?

Are you looking for better customer service?

We've solved all of those problems.


Our Value Proposition: the unique ability to provide the most cost effective service to every city in the country.

Serving every zipcode in the continental US!

Implementation Made Easy.

For many organizations, the idea of a single vendor is very problematic. Large, global document destruction vendors only have a model that proves economically viable for larger, metropolitan locations. Companies with smaller and remote locations are left with the administrative burden of establishing compliance through less effective methods, or (gasp!) not all locations are covered.

Until now.

The Maxxafe system of unique, patented containers with pick-up on demand allows smaller and remote locations to pay as needed, not a rigid schedule with mandated minimums.

The result is a true, two-vendor solution with company wide compliance in the most cost effective manner possible.

Simply provide us with a list of locations where traditional service is either not cost effective (or not available) and we’ll roll them out in under two weeks.