Maxxafe - Compare Costs

Compare Cost Options
The reason we developed this program for geographically-diverse organizations is because no other option was cost effective or comprehensive. We understand that you want single vendor service to every one of your locations, in ANY zip code, at the lowest possible cost.

Option 1: Buy a shredder for each store.

    Expect to spend $180 or more for a shredder that will handle staples, then calculate the cost to have an employee do the shredding.  Determine the maintenance and replacement costs when the machines break down.
  • Are the documents locked until shredding occurs?
  • When the machine breaks, is a replacement available immediately, or will the documents have to be locked up and wait for shredding?
  • Are you comfortable with throwing the shredded documents into the regular trash? No recycling occurs.

Option 2:  Contract with a traditional document destruction company.


  • Rates:  $35 to $45 per month.
  • Expect to make room for a large console or rolling bin.
  • An outside employee will be in your business every two to four weeks to service it, whether it is full or not.
  • What happens during the quarterly purge when you run out of room in the bin and it hasn't been serviced yet?
  • Are you prepared to contract with dozens of companies, since no single company services all markets?
  • Expect gaps since no one services Timbuktu.
  • Compliance measurement and store-to-store comparison becomes impossible.
  • You need additional staff to manage the program and compile the compliance reporting.

Option 1 Option 2 Maxxafe System
Compliance is monitored by a third party N N Y
One point of contact for all issues N N Y
Scalable for national coverage Y N Y
Nothing to break or replace N Y Y
Flexible capacity Y N Y
Shredded material is recycled N Y Y
Avoids corporate staff involvement N N Y


Only Maxxafe System provides these compliance benefits at a cost no other option can touch! Find out more about pricing here.