PCI Compliance


Under the PCI DSS, a business or organization should be able to assure their customers that its credit card data/account information and transaction information is safe from hackers or any malicious system intrusion.

The Maxxafe System provides PCI Compliance for applicable portions of Requirement 9 of the PCI DSS: 


Section 9.6: Physically secure all paper and electronic media (including computers, electronic media, networking and communications hardware, telecommunication lines, paper receipts, and faxes that contain cardholder data.

Section 9.7: Maintain strict control over the internal or external distribution of any kind of media that contains cardholder data: including the following

Section 9.7.1: Classify the media so it can be identified as confidential
Section 9.7.2: Send the media by secured courier or other delivery method that can be tracked

Section 9.9: Maintain strict control over the storage and accessibility of media that contains cardholder data

Section 9.10: Destroy media containing cardholder data when it is no longer needed for business or legal reason as follows

Section 9.10.1: Cross-cut shred, incinerate, or pulp hard copy materials

Section 9.10.1.a: Examine storage containers used for information to be destroyed to verify that the containers are secured. For example, verify that a to-be-shredded container has a lock to avoid access.

Maxxafe System helps you with the paper media requirements of PCI compliance.

  • Physically secures paper containing cardholder data

  • Use of a secured courier to maintain strict tracking control

  • Securely destroys (shreds) the paper media in a NAID AAA Certified facility

  • Optional keyed lock to avoid access.

    Problem solved.


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