Sample Reports

Compliance to the Identity Theft Protection Laws requires three activities:

  1. Develop a Document Destruction Policy
  2. Train your Associates on the Policy
  3. Measure company compliance to the policy

Measurement of the document destruction activities at each location in your organization is key because it insures compliance to the company document management and destruction policy, an important requirement of legislative compliance.

Other document destruction services cannot provide the highly accurate level of information available with the Maxxafe System. The most you could expect is simply acknowledgement that a site was serviced.

Maxxafe System provides superior detail. Our unique transportation method using barcode scanning and weight measurement means we can effortlessly provide you with frequency tracking by location, 24/7. One vendor, one website, one report will let you compare each location with another and prove who is in compliance, and who is not.

After logging into your secure account, click on REPORTS and select the date range you wish to view:

Report Sort example

View the report online. Or download it into an Excel worksheet for off line sorting:

Activity report sample

Our technology allows us to completely manage the process, putting you in control. You can view a report on how many containers are in inventory at each location for restocking purposes. Or tell us to do it, and we will notify you (or automatically replenish) when stock hits a pre-determined minimum.

Need to set up a new location? Set it up on line.

New account creation

Then send the manager an e-mail reminding them to log on to review the company Information Destruction Policy and take a short quiz. We'll put you on the list to receive e-mail confirmations, or we'll collect the data and send you a report on who has completed training. Remember, training is the second of three important activities for compliance to the Identity Theft Protection Laws.

It's easy to spot trends over time, or to compare stores and offices of similar size for consistencies or discrepancies. Try doing that with shredding machines!

Nothing else comes close to giving you the flexibility without complexity, all at an unbeatable cost without management overhead.