5 Reasons Why Using Maxxafe will Save You Money


1. One Vendor to manage. Most companies with many geographically dispersed locations are forced to use multiple vendors to make sure their entire company is in compliance. In fact, in a survey conducted in January 2009, 22% of the respondents said they were using more than 3 vendors. With Maxxafe System, your administrative costs to manage multiple vendors will disappear. Maxxafe System is available in every city in the continental U.S.

2. On-demand service. Eliminate paying for service with a set schedule and a set cost, whether or not the service is needed. With Maxxafe System, you pay only for the service you need, when you need it.

3. No costly equipment to purchase and maintain. Until now, most companies still had to purchase individual shredders because some locations did not have access to traditional service. In fact, 29% of the survey respondents said that more than 50% of their company locations were using individual shredders. Not only is the equipment expensive to purchase, a company employee must shred all the paper, then comes the problem of disposal without the benefit of recycling. With Maxxafe System, individual shredding is eliminated and in doing so, bonus: you improve your company’s environmental stewardship.

4. Cost is based on weight. With traditional service, cost is based on the size of the console or bin and the frequency of service, not on the amount of documents being destroyed. With Maxxafe System, you get full value for your dollar. You only pay for shredding full containers.

5. Compliance reporting. Documenting compliance in the event of a regulatory inquiry can be an expensive, logistical nightmare if you are using traditional service or company owned shredders. With Maxxafe System, you get constant compliance reporting, by location. You will have 24/7 access to company compliance reports so that compliance can be documented with the click of your mouse.

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